Our Story


We believe in the power of sports, and how they improve all aspects of our lives.  Sports are linked to improved mental health, enhanced social skills, better physical health, and success in other aspects of life. To name a few, sports teach us how to be achievement-oriented, how to develop leadership skills, become better communicators, how to manage our time, and how to work as a part of a team.

This is why we built The Skills.  Our mission is to create the premier online platform for sports education, where the world's best teach their skills on a global scale.

We sit at the intersection of sports and life, where the lessons taught apply on and off the court. While our athletes are known for their sports, their courses cover a wide range of topics.  You will receive a wealth of technical advice that is sports-related but even more powerful, you will learn about what it takes to succeed in any pursuit or profession.

In the coming months, we will release new courses, taught by several icons of sports, that focus on swimming, tennis, football & track. It won’t stop with those sports. All of our courses will focus on a mix of the fundamentals of the sport & the intangibles that make us all successful.

We hope you enjoy The Skills. Keep Learning.


At The Skills, our values are not static.  As a platform, we will strive to meet the needs of our students, our athletes, and the world around us.  Knowledge is power and we aim to connect our athletes with their audience in an authentic and intimate way.  We empower our athletes to teach what they want to teach and we believe this authenticity yields the best insights for the students.

Whilst constantly evolving, some of our core values are:

Education - Knowledge is power.  As an online learning platform, our primary goal is to help transfer knowledge and insights from the world’s greatest athletes (our teachers) to our students.

Democratization - Very few people have the opportunity to get up close and personal with our athletes.  Yet, they have so much great knowledge to offer.  Our goal is to bridge that divide.  Anyone, anywhere in the world with access to the internet or a phone can now sit down and learn from the best.  We know democratization strives to give access to everybody and we are working on partnerships to help provide access to underserved and underprivileged communities.

Inspiration - Every dream starts somewhere.  To become your best self requires hard work and dedication, but the journey and motivation can be found anywhere.  Our hope is that our students will be inspired and educated by our world-class coaches.  And with that seed of inspiration, can grow greatness.

Diversity - As an educational platform, diversity is critical.  Diversity in our teachers.  Diversity in our students.  Diverse in the sports and life lessons being taught.  Unlike other platforms where you might get only one sport or one athlete represented, we strive to provide multiple points of view.  Whether you are learning about volleyball or mindset or teamwork, having multiple teachers and points of view is key.  As far as our teachers, sports is blessed with diversity of great talent and we aim to cultivate that diversity on our platform.

Authenticity - People often ask how we come up with the course outlines and how we decide what each athlete teaches.  The answer is simple - we ask our athletes to be authentic to themselves.  Our athletes define their own lessons and we encourage them to speak on topics that matter to them.